Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cleveland Zoo Observations

You should see the page above in person. It's blinding. It orange and my scanner loathes it. Thus I had to mess with the image a ton in order to even get it to show up.

comic con sketches and stuff!

I know that SDCC was a few weeks ago, but I only just got around to scanning in a bunch of sketches I drew while attending the Con. And goodness I drew A LOT.

 I started to draw a lot of Luna. She's really fun to drawww. Maybe someday I'll actually start up her comic.... Until then I'll just keep doodling her.

> this is Paranoia. I don't think he's really met the internet yet.......... then again neither has Xander (the guy in the above picture.) I promise I'll post better pictures of them laterrr.
random chick! :D

more Luna... this time... ON THE MOON! Also known as... la luna.

 I felt a little sorry for this guy. Actually I'm gonna backtrack a bit. Cause it's STORYTIME! I've heard this happens to a lot of people, the instance in which one thinks of a character they'd really like to see someone cosplaying and then BAM! turn around and there they are. Well, it happened to me. I was thinking of how cool it would be to see someone dressed as Megavolt, my favorite Darkwing Duck villain as I walked into the convention floor, well I literally had a bit of a spazz attack (rather embarassing when you're by yourself) cause lo and behold, there was someone dressed up as the electricity loving criminal. I turned around and there was DW as well... and you're probably wondering what this has to do with the pic... So here we go. Since I was standing near them as a bunch of people swarmed them for pictures two guys in some <Optimus Prime hats? idk> came up and mistook him for Howard the Duck. They continued to repeat it right in front of DW. ...I kinda felt sorry for the cosplayer, cause I know how people like to be recognized as the character they're portraying... At least I do. :/

observational sketches. The kind where you intensely stare at who you're drawing. No looking at the paper. It's kind of fun.. And they're pretty expressive, regardless of how accurate/ugly they are. 

imagining different ideas for Luna. ideas of her working for the gov't. Part of the police maybe? Still shoppin' ideas around. Also I redesigned her rocketboots to fit this new job persona.

Expanded ideas on the new concept are below. I think I may give these a chance somewhere down the road.

so many random thoughts, sometimes my mind can't keep on one idea for that long.

I like to draw different outfits from Luna's standard one. I imagine that she has quite a few of them. Her outfits are designed by a fashion designer/model who was looking for a unique challenge. Part Edna Mode, Part Lady Gaga I imagine.
 I saw Captain America: The First Avenger while at Comic Con. :) I went to one of those day before screening at the most confusing shopping center ever. It's like a labyrinth... which would probably be cool if, you know, I wasn't trying to get to the movie theater on the 3rd floor in 15 minutes. Anyways. These sketches followed the next morning while waiting in line for Ballroom 20. (ugh I'm so torn. TV needs to get out of ComicCon... but but I appreciate that it's there too...)
woot! unfinished sketches of the god of mischief.

another unfinished sketch while waiting for the Adventure Time panel! I got there ridiculously early and I'm really glad I did!  

Avengers Style Loki. I'm so rooting for the villain. >:)
And yet I still really like it.