Saturday, January 5, 2013

Color Keys

I've never done color scripts before. So I might have gone a little crazy and experimented a bit. Not sure these look the best (there's a few I like though) but I was way stressed with the pressure of the deadline. It was also around 1am when I did most of these so that might also explain some of the ridiculous colors. I'm fairly certain that if I had to color my film it would still look something like this though... 

I had done a few color experiments in colored pencil early in the semester and was trying to match those concepts. I don't believe that I quite matched those initial explorations, but I'm always working to improve. 


 some skeletons I had to draw for Life Drawing class. :) 

Excerpt from a Life Drawing story

Here's part of a fun life drawing session. My professor had each of the models pose to convey a story about zombies! I didn't bring all of it home with me, so here are the drawings I had from that session. :)

Life Gestures

Life Drawings

Oops. I really mean to update my blog more often with what I've been working on. Always seem to end up posting everything after the semester is over. Probably because I only have my iphone camera while at university and that doesn't exactly deliver the best quality image. So I finally got the chance to take some nice photos now that I'm home on break. Here's a few excerpts from the life drawing class I took this past semester:

↑some studies from our textbook↓