Thursday, January 26, 2012


I wasn't entirely sure of what to draw last night, so I just jumped right in. This is what came of that. Oh man, I need to get better at drawing backgrounds. And choosing colors. My goodness. 

So I then started to think about a tribe of people who inhabited this world. What would they look like? I started exploring ideas in my mind and added a small boy. 

I figured that these people would have extremely big eyes, ears, and noses so that they they could see in the dark environment. Although now that I'm thinking about it they should probably shouldn't have all three be so large.... Maybe have a big nose and some large ears to make up for poor eyesight... Hmmmm things to consider. 

ugh. I really need to get better at art and stuff. 

girl with hat

Drew this instead of paying attention to my first day of biology. I can already tell that I'm not going to like this class very much. 


another Disneyland sketch. Drawn on 12/26/2011.