Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few color studies

So I'm working on a short film at the moment. (Approx. 90 seconds at completion) It takes place at the circus! THAT'S ALL I'VE GOT! Not really, but kind of. I don't have to take the film to color, but I really wanted to play around with colors. I think later in the semester we get to do some color scripts though. 

Life Drawing Week Two and Three

I'm super excited to be in a life drawing class this semester. Because my anatomy is terrible at the moment and I need to get better. I'm going to post a few selections of what we've done so far. I'm not terribly happy with how I've been drawing as of late, but I'm not so sure if I'll ever be satisfied with that. Just gotta keep drawing!

This exercise was just for the professor to see how we drew and what we know. I obviously know nothing. I kind of hate everything about this. Except the skeleton. Skeletons are pretty cool. What is composition though? Obviously I have no idea.

A couple of quick gestures.

I think this was about 20 minutes? I'm super rusty at life drawing so I didn't even finish. Oops. That day I was kind of going nuts with different media though, experimenting and such. So it's no wonder things didn't turn out. My professor liked my bold use of color though, so there's that. 

This past week fared a little better for me with drawing. A couple of quick 1-2 minute gestures. 

Some more. I forget how long these were? 

This might have been four minutes? I took out some white charcoal to give some definition, since I finished a little early...

now we're getting into some gestures for what would eventually become some story sketches.  

for the story sketches we'd have to make the figure a mannikin. and add an environment.

drawing both mannikin and gesture. Trying to understand structure and form.

These are the story sketches. Drawn on tracing paper. We did a few in class.

And the rest we had to do for homework, but I'll spare posting those. It's probably already getting monotonous.